I WAS disgusted to learn, that an incident reported to Lancashire Police, will neither be acted upon, nor even logged.

Using the DVLA site, I checked the status of a certain vehicle, and it showed that there is no valid MOT certificate, it expired in December, 2018.

Initial report to the Police call centre resulted in me being told that the Police no longer deal with such concerns, DVLA was the authority to report to.

This was done, resulting in an email from DVLA informing me that the authority to contact was the Police on number 101.

Second call to Police was surprising. Operator said, that even if the complaint was logged, no officer would take any action.

Just watched on TV, that there are a lot of vehicles on the road with no current tax - given the example I have detailed, why am I not surprised?

How many more vehicles if checked, would show a status of no current MOT certificate?

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I believe, that each and every vehicle on our roads should be taxed, insured and with a current MOT, but it seems that by doing the right thing and reporting what I discovered is not of any interest to the Police.

Law Abiding Driver