THE reason why we have not had a war in Europe 40 years, is nothing to do with the EU, but by the strength of NATO, who survives by contributions from various countries by giving a percentage of their GD.

USA 3.6%, Greece 2.2%, UK 2.2% this is on top of the billions we pay each year to the EU, France 1.7% Germany 1.1 Italy 1.1%.

So if it wasn’t for the contributions made by these countries, I am sure that Russia would have been more aggressive towards the west. It was NATO forces who helped to stabalise Bosnia, Croatia and the other countries after the break up of the former Yugoslavia.

It was NATO forces who went to the Ukraine after Russia threatened that country. NATO was formed in 1948 to stabalise Europe against the threat of Russia in the 1950/60s in the period known as the cold war. So you see the EU has nothing to do with NATO.

So you see that if the USA ever pulled out of NATO, as president Trump once threatened, it would spell the end of stability in Europe. The reason why Trump threatened to pull out was that two of the biggest countries in Europe, did not always meet their their commitments, and in that case the little story about your grandchildren might come true.

Allan Presho, ex RAF REGIMENT and a member of NATO forces in Europe during the cold war

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