FOLLOWING the article recently in the Telegraph about the old Grand Theatre, it makes one think of the demise of cultural activities in Blackburn over the last decades.

In this continuing programme of destruction and demolition, by subsequent councils, they have destroyed the history of what was once a fantastic Victorian town, and with it, the whole cultural atmosphere of the town.

Subsequent Blackburn Councils have demolished some 15 cinemas and theatres over the past years.

So if people who are interested in the arts they have to travel to other towns and cities. King Georges Hall is not an acceptable ‘theatre’.

The theatres in the main have been replaced by car parks, and wasteland. Blackburn was once proud of its parklands and sporting facilities, what have the councils done to enhance these facilities?

The parks are now untidy and according to some recent reports, are not safe areas for youngsters to access.

Corporation Park, Queens Park, etc have deteriorated over the years.

Pleasington Playing Fields has poor standards of condition and surfaces, and have not changed since we played on them in the 1950s.

Probably the old concrete cricket wickets are still used.

The existing changing facilities have been there virtually unchanged since the 1950s or 1960s.

Having used the toilets there recently, they are filthy and a possible health hazard.

Lastly, Pleasington Cemetery is a disgrace with grave areas overgrown with weeds and grass, no decent waste bins and general rubbish lying around everywhere.

This an insult to relatives visiting their families, and absolute disgrace.

These are examples of where Blackburn Councils have failed their residents over the years and they should be ashamed. Blackburn – a great Victorian town now destroyed.

Michael Kennedy, Rishton