OUR regular Friday column caused somewhat of a stir online.

Columnist Shuiab Khan wrote that he wasn't too fussed about a restaurant's hygiene rating, so long as the food tasted good.

He claimed he actually likes eating at those places with really bad food hygiene ratings.

He added: "The food hygiene rating is telling me that maybe the takeaway isn’t taking cleaning as seriously as it should. But then I honestly don’t care if the food tastes good? Should I stop going there because the hygiene rating was so low?"

And Shuiab certainly wasn't wrong when he wrote: "I know this may well not go down well with some readers."

Here are some of your views on the column from Facebook...

Plenty of people saying about the paperwork. But if they can’t get their paperwork done properly what’s to say they are going to prepare their food properly too? Might not be the case, but I ain’t going to chance it when there will be a five star rated one further along the road.

Robert Bury

It’s not just about how clean the place is. It’s about paperwork, making sure things are cooked to the right temperature so you don’t get ill and don’t forget food allergies. Far more to it than what colour a chopping board is.

Lisa Michelle Bloor

How can a reporter say he would eat food from these places with zero ratings, when the paper he works for names and shames them on a regular basis?

steve 58

If you're eating a kebab then does food hygiene really matter?

Thomas Bury

Ignore the health star ratings at your own peril. Encouraging other people to ignore them is wrong.

Two leagues below

Food hygiene ratings are there for a reason, to show the customer how clean the business is, how safely the food is handled as well as many other checks. All premises should have to display their ratings in the window, it is not a legal requirement so beware if they are not displaying their rating.


Best takeaway is Eddy's in Oswaldtwistle. Eaten there for years always fresh, never been ill and has a decent hygiene rating.

Paul Kosyl

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