WHILE travelling on a bus last Monday, I witnessed a group of young boys throw drinks through the open windows, soaking two elderly ladies.

Incidents like this don’t surprise me any more, in fact I have been predicting it for years.

First we did away with National Service, headteachers can’t adequately discipline any more and good parenting is practically non-existent.

Hardly surprising that children are behaving the way they do and will approach adulthood with no respect for anyone or anything.

The law needs to change whereby parents are held responsible for their child’s behaviour and will be charged/fined if offences occur.

While attending a showing of the Spitfire film last week where 18-year-olds were fearlessly flying aircraft and engaging in dogfights with the enemy so we could all live in freedom, I compared them to the youth of today.

Lack of discipline and respect, haircuts like chimpanzees, tattoos/tramp stamps and piercings from every orifice are what we have today. Shameful.

Jacqui Broadbridge