HOW ludicrous is Blackburn with Darwen Council?

I have just split my sides laughing at their latest stupid idea concerning new housing around the Fishmoor Drive area.

I have lived on Fishmoor Drive for nearly 40 years.

When we moved there it had all the amenities one needed.

Housing from Roman Road all the way to the railway at the bottom, a school, an old people's home, launderette even a local pub, everything for young families.

Then 20 or so years ago the council decided to knock things down.

Half the big family homes, old folks home (no-one gets old anymore?).

Then the pub went and then finally the junior school as there's not many children on the estate now we've knocked half the houses down.

There was an information van put up on Fishmoor showing new proposals with a private housing developer all those years ago which fell through as who would want to buy a house in the middle of a council estate?

So the land was 'landscaped' i.e left to grow wild.

The bushes planted just catch all the litter as no there are litter pickers now due to cutbacks.

Trees that provide climbing, burning and breaking facilities for bored children and large swathes of grass which are brilliant dog and cat toilets.

How much money would the council make if they upheld the dog fouling rule?

Thousands if one watches the amount of dogs on Fishmoor. But instead of putting someone out there to catch the owners with their dogs in the act they are now proposing to build more houses in the exact same places they knocked them down in the first place.

I'm quite sure they won't be half as big or the same quality as the old ones.

If this does happen then where are the children going to go to school?

How are people meant to travel as not everyone has a car?

The bus service that went to the bottom was cancelled when the houses had gone. Will that be reinstated as well?

What a way to spend our council tax.

One incredulous tenant