I HAVE parked in Morrisons ever since I moved to Blackburn 23 years ago. I liked the £1 parking charge which could be reimbursed on a purchase in store.

Last month I accidentally stayed longer than two hours in the shop and in town.

I was horrified to be sent a parking charge notice for £85, reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

I did not see the signs at the entrance to the car park saying Euro Car Parks were now using Automatic Number Plate Recognition - mainly because I was in the right-hand lane (the sign is on the left-hand pillar).

Surely this amount is excessive? The car park was only 30 per cent full so there was no shortage of spaces.

Even £50 is an unrealistic amount to pay.

So this is a warning - don’t get distracted when doing your weekly shop, it could be expensive if you exceed two hours.

Bring back the £1 Pay and Display, Morrisons, and evict greedy Euro Car Parks.

Julie Mallinder-Smith