I HAVE always had the utmost respect for the boys in blue and deeply appreciate the dangers they face in these days of knife crime and widespread drug abuse.

I’m sure that the rank and file police, who were called upon to deal with the mass trespass of Thwaites Brewery site, must have been very frustrated when physically out numbered by the so called “travellers”.

Invading the site with vehicles was bad enough but entering the premises and trashing everything was highly illegal.

It’s too much to hope that they drank some of the 1,700 pints that were not completely brewed but I can dream can’t I?

I feel so sorry for the staff who had to clear up the human faeces and other mess that was left behind.

However, fear not, because we are assured by Chief Constable Andy Rhodes that those responsible will be brought to justice.

How? When he next says that logistically they can’t just lock up 100 people. He said: "We don’t know who had done what because we don’t have the evidence.”

Even if, by some miracle, arrests are made what will their punishment be? A slap on the wrist and no chance of any fines being paid. It’s a sad end to the last brewery in Blackburn, 'Thwaites Star' will be missed after having shone brightly over the brewery in Blackburn since 1807.

Such a sad way to go.

EmE, Darwen, by email