THE diesel scandals involving some car makers have caused a demonisation of diesel models and some reports have stated that they fiddled the tests because EU emission targets were unachievable.

Now the news I have been waiting for; CO2 pollution is up and some reports say that with fewer diesel cars and more petrol cars the EU’s CO2 emission targets will now be missed.

Do our policy makers not have a single brain cell between them?

Fossil fuels are pollutants it doesn’t matter which one you use, what we need is clean fuel, something that should have been done decades ago but of course it wasn’t profitable.

German car builders are taking a big hit as they are so far behind in electric technology with the Tesla S model outselling the Mercedes S class in Europe and the BMW 7.

But where is the electric power coming from to recharge this electric transport revolution?

Hybrids are not the answer as few recharge them at home and rely on running the petrol/diesel engine to recharge which according to some reports makes them a bigger pollutant than standard petrol/diesel engines.

Keith Howdle