ONCE again firefighters have come under attack after being called out to a ‘shout’ in East Lancashire.

This time a crew from Blackburn had laser pens shone in their eyes and furniture thrown at them.

They had been asked to attend a large pile of rubbish which had been set on fire on a patch of wasteland in Aberdare Close.

When they arrived they were verbally abused by a 10-strong gang of youths, whose behaviour then escalated.

One firefighter ended up having furniture hurled at his back, and two had the laser pen shone in their eyes, one the driver.

Thankfully none were injured but it could have been so much worse. Laser pens are known to cause irreparable damage.

In this case the youths behaviour has been caught on the fire engines CCTV system and police are now investigating.

Firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis and should never have to deal with this type of disgraceful behaviour.

The police must now act quickly to catch these youths and ensure they are dealt with.

Their parents also have a responsibility to know what they are up to.

No doubt they would be horrified to discover what their children have been doing.