Martin Lewis has issued an apology and correction to ITV viewers over a mistake he made regarding Care Allowance on This Morning. 

The Money Saving Expert founder apologised to viewers on social media after appearing on the ITV daytime programme on Tuesday. 

The financial expert had appeared on the morning show to urge 500,000 carers to check if they were missing out on their carer's allowance.

Lancashire Telegraph: Martin Lewis has issed an apology over a mistake he made on This Morning. (PA)Martin Lewis has issed an apology over a mistake he made on This Morning. (PA) (Image: PA)

Whilst bringing it up 'on the fly', Lewis had mistakenly said it was worth £4,000 and £140 a week, but it is actually £70 a week.

Following the mistake, Lewis issued a correction on his social media.

Martin Lewis issues correction after mistake on This Morning

He posted on Twitter shortly after he appeared on the programme, writing: "I COCKED UP SORRY.

"When bringing up carers allowance on the fly just now urging the 500,000 carers missing out to check if they're due it - I said it was worth £4,000 a year, but then mistakenly £140 a week (I verbally transposed it with the max you can earn to get it, £140/wk).

"Carers allowance is £77/wk I'm so sorry. It should be £140/wk but isn't".

Despite the mistake, Lewis used the opportunity to reinforce 'the big message' that he was there to raise awareness about.

The money expert urged viewers: "Still the big message is if you're a carer and care over 35 hours a week check if you're due it.

"If not check if you're due carers national insurance credits which can boost your state pension @thismorning."

Following on from the initial post, Lewis informed users he had contacted This Morning to see if the programme could do an on-air correction. 

Viewers have since flooded Lewis's comments with praise for his apology and correction.

One user commented:" At least you apologised. The public are not used to that!"

A second person added: "How easy it is to correct a genuine error. Not only could our Chancellor learn from Martin Lewis but so could our Home Secretary."

A third shared: "How utterly refreshing. You're doing God's work Martin. Go well."