HOLLIE Steel left the showbiz world behind for her first day back at school after her exploits on Britain’s Got Talent.

The 10-year-old starlet was tired after a long journey home back from London on Sunday night but she made it into Oakhill College, Whalley, ‘on time and without a fuss’.

The youngster has already got back into the grove of her normal life, according to her mum Nina.

Nina also revealed that Hollie has been asked to attend the Britain’s Got Talent Tour and will begin rehearsals next week.

Hollie, who grew up in Burnley but moved to Huncoat over seven years ago, will be in school for the remainder of the week.

She will be home tutored in London in between rehearsals and shows.

Nina said: “Hollie was really tired when we got back off the train yesterday but she still went into school.”

Nina revealed how Hollie watched her performances after getting home on Sunday night.

She had captured the nation’s hearts on Friday’s semi-final when she broke down in tears after forgetting the words due to nerves.

But she received a standing ovation after coming back on later in the prog-ramme after delivering a flawless performance.

On Saturday’s final she was again praised by the judges, but did not make the top three, with street dance act Diversity winning the variety contest.

Nina said: “She is a perfectionist and was picking out her faults.

"All she could see was what was wrong about it.

“And now she is really, really excited she has been invited onto the tour, but they are trying to sort out licences for her so she can work.

“It is the end of the year and the school thinks she has done really, really well in her SATS and they have been supportive towards her.”