A 22-YEAR-OLD with quadriplegic cerebral palsy is hoping he has raised awareness of his fight for improved changing facilities by appearing on television.

Zack Kerr, of Howard Close, Accrington, appeared on BBC One North West's Inside Out programme on Monday night.

Mr Kerr has collected more than 122,000 signatures in support of his online petition to install accessible changing room facilities at all UK motorway service stations.

The show followed the journey of Mr Kerr and his family as they visited motorway services on the way to London.

This came as he looked to deliver his petition to 10 Downing Street.

The family said many of the facilities on the journey were 'disgusting and degrading' and just two of the service stations had appropriate changing facilities.

Mum Kristianne Kerr said she hopes the programme will help raise awareness of the conditions they are forced to face.

She said: "We're quite pleased with how it all came across.

"We really thought it got the message across.

"It was hard hitting but it needed to be to get the point across.

"Zack has had so many nice messages since the show."

The show said around 250,000 people in UK need certain type of accessible toilet and there are currently none on North West major roads.

This means Mr Kerr often has to be changed on bathroom floors or cramped baby changing rooms.

Zack said on the programme: "If I am unable to be changed I can get very sore which can in turn lead to other health problems.

"It's not right and it's not fair for any of us."

Norton Canes services nearly seven hours after the family set off was the first they visited that had the facilities.

Cherwell Valley services on the M40 also had some, however Warwick services, which had the facilities advertised, did not possess them.

The programme also showed Mr Kerr meeting former accessiblity minister Paul Maynard MP in London and delivering the petition to Downing Street with Hyndburn MP Graham Jones.

The show can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.