A MUM-OF-TWO has been left in shock following a ‘really bizarre’ situation which has seen her twice find money left in a cash machine

Amy Gibson, from Oswaldtwistle found £50 in an ATM outside Premier Convenience store in Union Road around five weeks ago, before finding a further £100 at the same site at the weekend.

On both occasions Miss Gibson reported the incidents to the police.

However, she said was warned on the second occasion about the dangers of picking up money found in an ATM and a complaint of theft could be lodged if the action was caught on CCTV.

Police said they have no record of any warning being given to Miss Gibson and would encourage people to hand in lost money.

The mother-of-two said she was worried who could have lost the money and reminded people in the area to be vigilant.

She said: “If I wanted to just keep the money I would have done.

“I thought it could have been someone with dementia.

“I just thought it was the right thing to do to hand it in.

“I’m an honest person, I was just trying to do my bit for society.

“It was really bizarre.

“It needs to get back to its rightful owner, it could be the same person doing it.”

Miss Gibson said she lives just along the road from the shop, and frequently walks past the shop and the cash machine.

On both occasions she noticed the money as she was walking by and reported it to the police when she had the opportunity.

While she said the police gratefully accepted it the first time, she said she was more concerned at police reaction on the second occasions.

The 32-year-old said: “Police told me to be careful and that there was cameras around.

“They said the money belongs to the banks, but I wanted to get it back to the person whose it is.

“The whole thing was really strange.

“What are the chances of it happening to me twice?”

Miss Gibson said she was told by the police any money found in the ATM is property of the bank and removing it was theft.

Lancashire police advises people that property lost or left on business premises should be reported to the manager of the service.

Officers said they did not have any records of the woman being given any warnings and would encourage people to hand in any money found.

A police spokesman said: “Because the money was found in the ATM machine it belongs to the bank.

“We received reports of her coming in with the £50 she found near a shop in Union Road and received a call the second time.

“We encourage people reporting lost money.”