CYCLISTS are being reminded to ride safely and two were spotted 'dangerously' ignoring a red light on a busy road.

Dash cam footage captured two cyclists, also not wearing helmets, riding head on into oncoming traffic after ignoring a red light near Hermitage Street in Rishton.

Cycling charity bosses said the law makes it 'abundantly clear' people on bikes should behave responsibly and within the law.

Engineer Andy Ash recorded the footage as the two rode past him at the red light near to road works and shared it to social media to warn people of their dangerous behaviour.

The 49-year-old said: "There is a couple of points that stood out to me.

"You see a massive tractor coming at one point, what happens if it was that they were riding into and it had to drive out the way.

"The lights had been on red for a good amount of time as well, and they just ignored it.

"A lot of work goes into sorting out sites for road works, there is a lot of risk assessments to keep everyone safe.

"Then to see not one but two people riding through it I couldn't believe it.

"There is just no excuse for that.

"There would have been uproar if they had been hit."

Mr Ash is a keen cyclist himself and said he finds most bike users obey the rules of the road.

He has previously cycled the length of the Leeds and Liverpool canal and regularly is on his bike.

However he said he noticed more problems with those who do not wear helmets and proper cycling equipment, such as the two he caught on camera.

The Accrington resident said: "Usually what I find is that cyclist who have all the gear, helmets, high vis, lights, are no problem.

"But then you find people like this, who aren't wearing a helmet or any lights, causing risk.

"We need to make people aware of what people are doing on the road.

"It's dangerous."

Bosses at charity Cycling UK urged those on bikes to follow laws regarding safety on roads.

However they also reminded drivers to be wary of cyclists on the road.

Duncan Dollimore, head of campaigns at Cycling UK, said: "Cycling UK’s policy briefing on cyclists’ behaviour and the law makes it abundantly clear that cyclists should behave responsibly and within the law.

"We’d expect the AA and the RAC to say exactly the same thing about the behaviour expected from drivers, though curiously they’re not often asked for their views when motorists disobey the rules of the road, despite the fact that this presents a greater risk of harm to other road users.”