CREATED in 1983, Hyndburn has seen two Labour MPs and a Tory in its 32 years.

Despite a majority of only 3,090 for Graham Jones in 2010, it is not considered a vulnerable Labour seat on May 7.

Only a major Conservative surge or a spectacular performance from Tory Kevin Horkin (a teenage Accrington market stallholder turned Ribble Valley millionaire businessman) will produce an upset.

The Roman Catholic vote is important, helped propel Papal Knight the later Ken Hargreaves to majorities of 21 and 2,220 in 1983 and 1987, but Greg Poope, who later worked for the RV church, secured it for Labour by 1,960 in 1992 building up bigger majorities through the 1990s.

Catholic Mr Horkin will highlight concerns about Accrington town centre while Mr Jones will claim (Hanson brick not withstanding) any economic recovery has done little for local people.

The big unknown is the impact of UKIP, with two councillors in the borough. Will their presence hit Labour or the Tories harder and make the poll into a tight contest ?

Bookies odd of Mr Jones 1/25 and Mr Horkin 12/1.

The candidates are: Janet Brown, UKIP; Alison Firth Alison, Liberal Democrat; Kerry Gormley, Green; Kevin Horkin, Conservative; and Graham Jones, Labour.