HELICOPTERS are set to search for the unique bodykit, wheels and tyres from a one-off race car that were stolen from an Edgworth farm.

Thieves took the items when they stole a 3,500kg heavy duty vehicle transporter during thick fog on Saturday night.

It contained a distinctive white bodykit for a five litre VW Beetle Chevrolet Super Saloon, built in 1974.

Also inside were six Avon-branded wheels and wet racing tyres.

Nina Taylor said her father David owns the farm, near The Toby Inn off Broadhead Road, where thieves pounced.

The 39-year-old said: “It’s the only car of its kind in the world and so was the bodykit.

“There’s a piece for the front and the back and they’re made from fibreglass so they’re absolutely worthless. We think they stole the car transporter without knowing what was in it and we would really like them back.” The car was a ‘legend’ in its heyday, Nina said, once competing in 48 races during one season.

It featured in several magazines, with editors lining up to take the car out for a spin on the track. Nina, who works as head wallpaper designer at Blackburn firm Graham and Brown fears the thieves will dump the bodykit, wheels and tyres once they realise how distinctive they are.

She said: “We have two friends with helicopters and we are going to put them up and see if we can find anything. Some parts might have been abandoned.

“It’s made me very angry and upset. The car won a lot of competitions and was a 70s sensation. It was the most souped up VW Beetle you will ever see.

“It brought the family together. So many people love to follow the car and see where it goes.”

The Moose transporter had blue canvas sides, while the white bodykit had Templar Tillers written in blue on its bonnet.

It also had three blue stripes down each wheel arch, a black number 12 on the front right of the bonnet, and VW logos across the headlights.

Anyone with information call the police on 101.