A LARGE Sycamore tree in a West Pennine Moors village has been granted a preservation order.

It is located next to Oak Tree Barn off Greens Arms Road in Chapeltown, Turton.

Blackburn with Darwen Council Planning Committee made a temporary Tree Preservation Order permanent when it met on Thursday.

An officers' report said: "In October 2020, the local planning authority received a formal pre-application enquiry to convert the vacant barn into a dwellinghouse, which is located close to the Sycamore Tree.

"During the assessment of this enquiry, the council’s arboricultural officer considered the tree in question was worthy of protection

"The tree is situated approximately six to seven metres to the south of the barn, and is a large mature Sycamore that is a ‘notable’ tree in the area.

"The tree is 21 metres in height and has a 'crown spread' of approximately 14 metres.

"The tree is part of a cluster of mature trees in the area which is characterised by these large trees as well residential cottages.

"The tree is of considerable amenity value and could potentially come under threat of removal, or severe pruning, if the barn is made suitable for residential living.

"If the emergency Tree Preservation Order is not confirmed, the tree would not be protected and could therefore be pruned or felled without requiring consent from the Council."