A SECOND caravan has joined the travellers camped on Olive Lane Park.

The first caravan arrived on the park on Wednesday and was joined by a second van and a car on Thursday.

It is believed they were the group who were camped on the same spot from August until mid-September who were moved off the park two weeks ago.

Darwen Mayor Roy Davies said: ""I have been getting complaints of the travellers urinating in the back of Olive Lane.

"I have also had complaints of a lady going round in her underwear.

"The general feeling from residents is that they should be moved off the park.

"Some people are saying the council need to do something and they should bollard up to stop them coming on.

A spokesman for Blackburn with Darwen Council said: "We are aware of two caravans on the land.

“Blackburn with Darwen Council owns the land on either side where the travellers are, the land where they are is unadopted.

"We will need to get the Highways department involved to issue them with a 48 hour notice for removal.

"We have plans in place to install preventative measure that will stop the travellers returning to the site."