BLACKBURN MP Kate Hollern has highlighted Labour’s commitment to end the compulsory outsourcing of council services

Reflecting on last week’s party conference, she said commitments by shadow local government secretary Andrew Gwynne were ‘a light at the end of a long dark tunnel’.

Mrs Hollern, leader Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary private secretary, said she was ‘delighted’ with the pledge to give councils an extra £1.5billion if the party won power.

She said: “We also pledged to give councils greater power to deliver services themselves.

“Forced privatisation and outsourcing of public services over the last seven years has hollowed out the capacity of our councils to deliver for our communities.

“For three decades now we have been told that outsourcing delivers value for money.

“But all too often, when savings are made it is because services are cut back, charges are introduced, pay and conditions are attacked and the services residents receive are often poorer."