THE Great Edgworth Bake Off takes place next week at Turton and Edgworth Primary School.

Pupils have been urged to take an apron into school for the event, on Wednesday, April 30.

A school spokeswoman said: “In the morning, the juniors will be working in houses to make some scrumptious delights.

“Then, in the afternoon, all of the infants will take part in a scone-baking master class. This is a great opportunity for us to promote collaborative learning and develop all the skills that are needed in a kitchen, such as working hygienically, measuring, following instructions and learning how foods change when heated and cooled.

“It would be great if the children could bring an apron from home on the day.

“Some of the baked goods will be on sale at the end of the day with the proceeds raised from this going towards buying more food technology equipment to use in the classroom and also towards the upkeep of our chickens.”