WOMEN who marry later in life are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to look their best on the big day, according to a Lancashire plastic surgery specialist.

Peter Paterson, surgical director of Sandon House Clinic said quick, lower cost procedures were becoming increasingly popular amongst women who previously could not afford the cost or the time.

Procedures such as face lifts and ear surgery were becoming increasingly popular with women in their 30s and 40s – mirroring such as Lillian Donovan and Annie Walker, the lead characters in hit summer film Bridesmaids.

Mr Paterson, who trained at Kings College Hospital Medical School and is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, said: “As older women get married for the first time or re-marry, they – along with their bridesmaids - are increasingly using quick and easy procedures carried out under local anaesthetic to improve their self-confidence and their appearance on the big day.”

One woman who underwent surgery at Preston-based Sandon House is Sue Bates, who had her “Dumbo ears” corrected before marrying fiance Adrian Degg, 48.

Sue, 48, originally from Preston, said she was so impressed with the ear surgery that she went back to the surgery for a lower face lift to improve her jaw line – again under local anaesthetic.

Sue, who now lives in Stafford, said: “I have always been conscious of my Dumbo ears – they were horrendous - but had never considered having anything done because I was worried about the cost and the need for a general anaesthetic. I saw it as an ideal opportunity to look even better on my wedding day.”