The Electoral Commission has been asked to investigate thousands of referendum letters sent to homes in Chorley after claims they have ‘confused’ voters.

The council claims a mailshot has left some people wondering whether they are registered for a postal vote.

The Yes Campaign Group sent out letters to over 6,000 voters in the borough over the referendum on the alternative vote system including a postal vote application with the council’s address on.

Bosses at Chorley Council are stressing to people that it has not been sent out by the authority.

Donna Hall, Chorley Council’s chief executive and returning officer, said: “We’ve had lots of calls from people who have received the mail shot and it is causing some confusion.

“The information was sent out by a national campaign body and not the council. We are not allowed to support the referendum one way or the other.

“Secondly, if people are already registered for a postal vote then they do not need to return the postal vote application form, something which is not made clear in the letter.

“If electors want a postal vote this year they should contact the council because the application form sent out with this information will only guarantee a postal vote for the referendum and not the local elections.”

There are both local elections and the national referendum taking place in Chorley on May 5.

A third of the borough’s councillors will seek re-election while all registered voters can take part in the referendum.

“It’s frustrating that the mail shot has caused so much confusion.

“We have taken this up with the Electoral Commission and they are investigating it,” added Ms Hall.