CAR insurance has become more expensive and more complicated in recent years leading some people to get caught out by changes in the rules.

It used to be the case that driving your partner or someone else's car was no problem as long as you were covered by fully comprehensive insurances.

However, this is no longer always the case and you could be caught out, or even stopped by the police, if you don't keep up.

In fact, most drivers now will not be covered to driver another person's car even if they are both completely covered by insurance.

Insurance to drive other cars (DOC) was previously a standard feature of comprehensive policies, but is very rare these days.

Before you jump in someone else's car, check the terms and conditions of your insurance to see if you’ve got DOC cover and what that includes. Mostly this protects you during an emergency, but is not a replacement for standard or short-term car insurance.

Plus, anyone below 25 is almost certain not to have this clause in their policy.

So, if you regularly drive someone else's vehicle make sure to check that this is still legal.