Work to dismantle two disused gasholders on National Grid’s Bengal Street site in Chorley has started.

From the 1890s the Bengal Street gasholders played an essential role in making sure local homes had a reliable gas supply.

They were filled with gas during times of low demand so they could feed into the local network of pipes at times of peak demand.

Now, new technology allows the gas to be stored inside the pipes and it means the old holders are no longer needed and can be removed to free up the site for beneficial use in the future.

Hannah White, National Grid land regeneration manager, said: “The gasholders at Bengal Street have not been used for a long time and their removal will help unlock the site so it can be brought back into beneficial use.

“National Grid works hard to minimise disruption to the communities where we work and Bengal Street is no exception. We’ll keep our near neighbours updated to let them know what’s happening at site and what we’re doing to act as a responsible neighbour.”

The site was first developed as a gasholder station in the 1890s with the first gasholder operational by 1910.

A second holder followed by 1938. The gasholders that are on the site today were built in the 1930s and 1950s.

Hannah concluded: “We’ll work as quickly and efficiently as possible while we’re on site and we’ll keep our neighbours informed as our work progresses.”

National Grid expects to complete the dismantling work in late Spring 2020.

The gasholders have been a landmark in the town centre and it is a well-known feature for motorists on the A6.

Cllr Marion Lowe, who represents Chorley North East, said: “Some people might think they are a landmark and others might think it is an eyesore.

“They are just getting rusty and I would like to see something done with them and the area.

“We were contacted some time ago about it and they mentioned that it was going to take some time for it to be taken down.

“They are not being used for anything so I would rather see them demolished and the area used for something else.

“I have not been contacted by any residents complaining about them being knocked down.

“Rather than getting rusty they should try to get the land sorted.

“That is my view but other people may think differently to me.”

Anyone with questions about our work can contact National Grid’s Community Relations team on 0800 073 1047.