AN investigation has been launched by transport bosses after a double-decker bus drove the wrong way on a roundabout in Chorley.

Dashcam footage shows the Stagecoach bus which had a sign saying ‘Not in Service’ on it cutting across on the roundabout on the A6 towards Clifford Street near the bus station on Friday night just after 6pm.

Eyewitnesses Rob Oldroyd said: “I was just dropping my wife, daughter and son off at the swimming baths.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“I was just in shock by what I was seeing in front of me.

“There was another car on the other side of the road and they were just about to go on the roundabout.

“I was also glad that the bus did not just turn over as it took the roundabout tight and it is not really a flat piece of road.

“I just hope it was a mistake.

“Someone could have been seriously hurt by what happened and caused an accident especially with the amount of cars that were around.

“Everyone saw it and someone could have slammed on and someone could have gone into the back of them.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Adam Platt also commented on social media: “It could have been so much worse as the 125 is a major bus route and is used for school kids, the Youth Zone and shopping and going to work.”

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “The safety of our passengers and all road users is our utmost priority and we are conducting an urgent investigation.”