A CHORLEY vet is warning dog owners after a second ‘suspected’ case of Alabama Rot in the town.

Sonia Green, director of Chorley Vets on Market Street said staff were sad after seven-year-old collie cross Labrador Indiana had to be put down last weekend.

But she said that the condition is very rare and it should not stop dog owners walking their dogs, adding: “It is important to recognise there are approx 8.5million dogs in the UK and since 2012 only 120 dogs have been affected by Alabama Rot, 29 in 2018.

“We see more road traffic accident cases than this disease but would not expect people not to take out their dogs due to the risk of being hit by a car.

“Alabama Rot presents with lesions, generally ulcerated, with variable bruising to the distal limbs (legs), muzzle, ventrum (underside) and tongue. Furthermore, some dogs develop acute kidney disease, although some do present without renal changes.

“Indiana was a border collie-cross Labrador dog that did not frequent wet muddy areas and tended to walk on pathways.

“The areas affected could be suggestive of other skin conditions, but unusually one of the lesions was present on the tongue, another suggestive factor for Alabama Rot.

“The wounds were clearly painful and Indiana had another underlying condition.

“Due to a poor prognosis the owners felt they could not watch their dog deteriorate.

“They was of course devastated and understood this was a suspected case.

“Samples have been sent to a veterinary medical specialist where they will be further sent to America for confirmation.”

Indiana’s owners did not want to speak about the incident but were happy to raise awareness.

They said Indiana had been walking in the Pilling Lane area but Sonia added it is a rare condition and believes dog owners should be aware of signs.

She said: “I would urge them to wash their dogs’ legs just in case and look for any lesions on the paws.

“Indy was a long-haired dog and once we trimmed it back we could see lesions with dead skin and it had a smell of rot.”

Sonia admitted the vets were affected by Indiana’s death.

She said: “Indiana was well known and loved in the area and we are thinking about the family at this very sad time.

“We are very grateful that they have allowed us to share their pain in the hope it can help others.

“If anyone has any concerns about their dogs then we can run tests. Unfortunately there is no cure for it but we can try to help the dog.”

It comes after the Chorley Citizen reported that according to the online animal advice website Vets4Pets, 20 cases of Alabama rot have been recorded within a 20-mile radius of Blackburn over recent months, resulting in the death of one dog in Chorley which was confirmed by Vets4Pets.

- If you want to find out more visit Chorley Vets on 01257 274767 or email chorleyvets@gmail.com.