Medica Health International, has announced an illuminating new Gemcup added to their growing Theragem wellness range this month; ChildHood II. This advanced Gemcup has been designed specifically towards children in the 21st century, needing loving attention to aid them in development of their unexplored potential.

This Gemcup has been created for children of all ages who may have been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s or a form of Autism who need extra deep support and healing. Designed to help ease the distressing symptoms for both child/young adult and loved ones of despair, depression, "locked in" syndrome and hypo activity, self-harm, rage and violence. Aims to calm, heal and balance. Highly beneficial for family and interpersonal healing, where loved ones need the unconditional love, support and healing in very demanding circumstances.

The Gemcup works in combination with our leading non-invasive fusion light therapy equipment. The Gemcups clicks into the unit and works in combination with Light, colour, EMF, Schuman Resonance and White Noise to provide users with a deep state of relaxation, tranquillity and a pain free therapy with positive results.

Managing Director, Catharina Jansma said: “This Gemcup has been released, because it offers those working in the Integrative Healthcare industry the ability to help enhance the results for their clients more efficiently alongside their own modalities, or as a standalone therapy. The beautiful blend of gems calms unhelpful compulsive thoughts, which research shows us is not unusual for teenagers to have during adolescent ages.”

To purchase our brand new sparkling ChildHood II Gemcup, please email we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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