Medica Health International Ltd, has been honoured to be the first to host a Chinese hospital group delegation representing a number of front running hospitals on integrative medicine. The aim of this exciting trip was to expand the Theragem Fusion Light therapy technology and provide several other hospital clinics in China with Theragem devices.

CEO, Catharina Jansma said: “We warmly welcomed the delegation trip, as we mutually wanted Theragem to grow and expand in several Chinese provinces. Our Chinese colleagues experienced (in the relaxed setting of our clinic) the excellent efficacy on different conditions and illnesses presented through Theragem, but also discovered the high success rates for themselves.”

The Chinese delegation were very impressed with the ongoing positive results presented by British medical specialists, local therapists and patients. Their attention was especially grasped when they saw how easy the implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic tools created immediate positive feedback.

British manufacturer Medica Health International is designer and manufacturer of cutting edge equipment Theragem; a fusion of light and electromagnetic therapy technology; which is able to support the body’s repair mechanisms and kick start the natural healing process in a quicker, safer and more relaxed way.

The non invasive Theragem device has shown to be effective towards the healing process of hundreds of common conditions such as; stress, insomnia, asthma, depression, skin problems, frequent colds, digestive disorders such as stomach and bowel problems, mood & emotional disorders, weight management and much, much more!

The Chinese visit was a huge success and was held in the beautiful Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Blackburn. situated in the North West of England.

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