THERE was standing room only at a public meeting as scores of residents aired their views about proposed new housing developments in Worsthorne and Cliviger.

Burnley's local plan puts forward several proposed sites for additional housing, which the council says is needed to accommodate future growth.

Burnley Council has already consulted on possible sites in other areas of the town, including Padiham and inner Burnley, but last night's meeting gave residents of Worsthorne and the surrounding areas to find out about the plans and have their say.

The first draft of the plan has pinpointed the potential for 136 properties at Red Lees Road, Cliviger; another 130 at Butchers Farm, Worsthorne; 64 around Brownside Road, Worsthorne; and another 53 homes in Lennox Street.

Scores of people packed the meeting room at the Thornton Arms pub last night, and debate in the room was lively.

Residents and parish councillors complained about a lack of communication from the council, and said they had been unaware of any earlier consultation.

Other concerns raised by residents were that Worsthorne did not have suitable infrastructure or transport links for additional housing, and that new developments would place a strain on existing schools and health services and would lead to traffic problems.

Others pointed out there were already more than 2,000 empty houses in the town, but council staff said these had already been accounted for.

Samantha Holden, who works as a child minder in the village, said: “We're worried it won't be a village anymore.

“As residents of Worsthorne village we're a bit concerned about the number of houses to be built. There are enough as it is, and there's only one road in and one road out and it's not ideal for the number of cars that use it at the moment.

“Adding more houses with two cars per house will be dangerous for children.”

Cheryl Blezard added: “We only live about three doors up from one of the proposed sites.

“We recently moved to the area because it's quiet and good for the kids. The traffic will be horrendous.”

Others raised concerns about a proposed fixed traveller site in the town.

One Brunshaw resident said: “The town's had enough problems, we just seem to be getting on a level pegging and we've got this to contend with.”

Several people left the meeting, saying they could not hear at the back.

Worsthorne Parish Councillor Mark Jinkinson said: “It was an inappropriate choice of venue.

“Perhaps the council didn't expect as many people to turn up, but they might have anticipated larger numbers, it's a contentious issue.”

This stage of consultation will be open until October 7, and a final plan with preferred sites will be put to Burnley residents for further consultation early next year.