A SWING that was badly damaged after yobs set fire to it has been replaced thanks to the generosity of a local resident.

The basket swing at Burnley Wood play area, in Oxford Road, had to be removed after the fire in late August.

Council chiefs said they were unable to replace the equipment because of a shortage in the play budget.

But Burnley Wood resident Michael Mobey stepped in and donated £350, half of the cost, if the council could find the rest.

He said: “The young children round here were quite upset about it when they couldn’t use the swing.

“They loved playing on it and didn’t really have anything else to use.

“When they saw it had been put back they were absolutely delighted. One of them ran up to me the other day thanking me for the new swing.”

Mr Mobey has lived in the Burnley Wood area for around 30 years.

“Our own children were brought up in the area and now their children are being brought up here, so I know how important play areas like this are.

“It is quite a close knit community. When I first moved here everyone was really friendly, so I’m happy to help out when I can.”

Councillor Charles Bullas, Burnley Council’s executive member for leisure, said: “I am very grateful for the generous contribution from Mr Mobey which has allowed us to replace the damaged swing at Burnley Wood play area.

“The council does try hard to ensure that all play equipment is safe to use and we replace worn out and damaged play equipment as quickly as we can.

“Unfortunately we committed the budget early this year, but thanks to Mr Mobey’s kind contribution we have been able to repair the equipment.”