LICENSEES in a part of Burnley are united to fight alcohol-related crime, violence and disorder in their pubs.

As part of the new pub watch scheme, which is being rolled out by police in the Fulledge and Burnley Wood areas, posters are being put up in 14 pubs and clubs, warning that bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

Pub staff have vowed to share information on troublemakers and ban them from every pub and club in the areas where necessary.

The Brickmakers, Britania, Burnley League Club, Burnley Wood Conservative Club, Foresters, Fulledge Conservative Club, KSC Club, The Lounge, The Princess Royal, The Rifle Volunteers, The Royal Butterfly, The Stanley, The Turf and The Woodman, are all involved.

Maureen Greenwood, of the Foresters Arms, Todmorden Road, said: “In the event of anything serious like fighting, drug taking or assaulting bar staff we will ring each other up to say someone has just been thrown out.

“If they are banned by one of us, they are banned by all of us.”

A similar scheme in Barnoldswick has been credited with helping to halve violent crime.

Sgt Carole Langhorn, of Burnley Police, said: “Not all violent crime takes place on licensed premises.

“However we know from experience that a significant amount of it is alcohol related and happens in or around pubs and clubs.

“Our message is clear. Neither the police nor licensees are prepared to tolerate violence on licensed premises.

“ If your intention it to get drunk and cause trouble you are simply not welcome.”