A POORLY man who got arrested after causing trouble at his doctor’s surgery was described as behaving “like the Tasmanian Devil” by a receptionist, a court was told.

Burnley magistrates heard how Lionel Leslie Hawke, 24, who is epileptic and undergoing treatment from the mental health team, said he had been having a fit, but the receptionist claimed he was an ‘attention seeker’.

The hearing was told how Hawke, who has been “passed from pillar to post” by several medical specialists, was said by a consultant neurologist to have previously had epileptic fits when he stayed conscious. The rumpus, in a waiting room full of patients, ended up with 13 police officers attending Daneshouse Medical Centre in Burnley, where Hawke was lashing out and shouting abuse.

The receptionist said she had been frightened, burst into tears and felt shocked and intimidated.

The defendant, of Healeywood Road, Burnley, admitted using words or behaviour likely to cause fear of unlawful violence.

He was given a four week 9pm to 7am curfew and must pay £50 costs. Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said on September 22 at 11.30am, Hawke went to the surgery, with his mother after she phoned to ask for an urgent appointment.

He started pacing up and down, his mother told him to sit down and calm down as he was becoming agitated.

He said: “I have had 15 fits today. I will have another one and it will be your fault.”

He was staring into the receptionist’s eyes and she felt frightened.

The court heard he then threw himself on the floor and lay on his back lashing out and shouting and swearing.

He was eventually subdued after 13 police officers and two paramedics arrived.

Richard Taylor, for Hawke, said he had maintained throughout the court proceedings that he had an epileptic fit.

The prosecution said he had not had a fit at all as he was conscious throughout and it was a pseudo fit.

The court heard at the time he was not properly taking his medication.