A PROPERTY landlord is so fed up of crime in Burnley Wood that he is tempting people with information about offences on his houses with cash rewards.

Mark Taylor, who owns Taylor Housing, has pledged to give £200 to anyone who provides information which leads to a prosecution.

The millionaire said he decided to take the “unusual” action following a spate of break-ins and thefts at his properties in the area.

He vowed to keep the identity of informants confidential and once a person is convicted, the reward will be paid from out of his own pocket.

Mr Taylor, who owns over 20 properties in the Burnley Wood area alone, said the final straw came when some old lead water piping was stolen from one of his properties, which resulted in mains water flooding a cellar.

He added: “I was particularly concerned over this incident because it could easily have been the gas main and the consequences could have been fatal to innocent members of the community, this crime spree has got to be stopped before someone dies.”

According to Mr Taylor, when asked about the crimes, neighbours do not always feel comfortable providing infor-mation.

He said: “Perhaps if people committing the offences real-ise that members of the community can financially gain from confidentially giving evidence of what they see, they will realise that the risk is not worth taking.

“The damage caused in these instances usually amounts to hundreds of pounds even though only a few pounds is paid for what they steal.”

Mr Taylor said the latest crimes have been committed in Pine Street and Springfield Road.

Anyone with information should call police on 01282 472107 or Taylor Housing on 01282 439703.

Alternatively, they can make a post about it on the new Live Crimewatch section of www.burnleywood.com.