SEVEN brave dads from Burnley have been stripped of their masculinity - all in the name of charity.

The men endured the painful procedure of having their legs waxed at the Action for Children Burnley Wood Children’s Centre.

Dozens of children, partners and staff watched the dads wince as the hot wax stripped their legs bare on Saturday.

But the men, who all attend the Dad’s Group at the centre, agreed it was “well worth” the pain to raise money for the facility.

The centre’s parents forum came up with the idea for the sponsored event and asked the dad’s group to take part.

Glynn Birtwistle, of Woodgrove Road, Burnley Wood, was one of seven volunteers who agreed to have his legs waxed.

His three-year old son Cian attends the children’s centre. He said: “It was mainly women who came up with the idea.

“They kept us sweating for months, but we were never under any pressure. It was really good fun.

“It was quite painful, but well worth it because it’s a fantastic, well used centre.”

Each of the seven men now has smooth, bald legs. It could take up to a year for the hair to return.

Glynn, whose wife was one of the spectators, said it will take the pair of them a while to get used to his new look.

The centre provides services for families with children under five, which will help them when they start school.

Joanne Shackleton, family services co-ordinator at the centre, said: “It was really good and funny to watch, but at the same time, we were proud of them because they wanted to help the centre.”

Programme manager Terri Hacking added: “We’d like to thank them for supporting us and being prepared to go through this for us.”