CLARETS fans have blasted a report which claimed Burnley were the sixth most hated football club in the country.

Burnley was a surprise inclusion in the top 10 most disliked list after a survey of every league club, including secretaries, press officers and executives.

But Clarets aficionados believe that their reputation may have been sparked off by the club’s rollercoaster ride up and down the divisions in recent years and jealousy of their supporter base.

Alan Beecroft, of Colne Clarets, said: “I am a bit surprised really - but my logic would be that in the last 10 or 15 years we played in lots of divisions.

“And when we go to these grounds in the second, third or fourth division then we bring an awful lot of supporters to away games and I think that this table is possibly a sign of resentment against us.

“Plymouth have said that Burnley is their most hated side and they are 300 miles away.

"That could be because we relegated them once on the last day of the season, and then spoiled their glory days when we beat them in the play-offs in another season.

“The same thing applies to Stockport - I think there is a little bit of jealousy there.

“We go to a lot of clubs now and there is no trouble - never an ounce of bother.”

In the poll by Sandler Training, the most liked club among football insiders is Morecambe, followed by Arsenal, Liverpool and Hartlepool.

Other north west clubs in the top 10 are Crewe, in sixth place and Bury, rated 10th.

Blackburn are ranked 16th and Accrington Stanley 20th in the same survey.

But Burnley come in at sixth on the most hated list, just shy of Wolverhampton Wanderers and perennial outcasts Millwall.

Clubs including Bolton, West Ham, Stoke and Scunthorpe complete the top 10 most despised list.

Bev Todd, of Rossendale Clarets, believes that part of the reason for the Turf Moor club’s low rating could be historic, as older supporters think back to the days of the notorious hooligan element, the Burnley Suicide Squad.

She added: “I find it quite amusing. It’s just like the song, ‘no-one likes us, we don’t care’!”

Most hated

1 Leeds
2 Man United
3 Chelsea
4 Wolves
5 Millwall
6 Burnley
7 Bolton Wanderers
8 West Ham United
9 Stoke City
10 Scunthorpe United

Most liked

1 Morecambe
2 Arsenal
3 Liverpool
4 Hartlepool
5 Brighton & Hove Albion
6 Crewe Alexandra
7 Walsall
8 Tottenham
9 Bournemouth
10 Bury

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