POLICE have launched an investigation after a fake Liberal Democrat election leaflet was sent out to residents.

The leaflet was distributed in Rosegrove and Gannow wards in Burnley on the afternoon of Wednesday April 30 in the run up to the local elections.

A statement from the Lib Dems said the leaflet, which urges people not to vote for Labour because they are 'liars and fraudulent', was a fake and was being used to 'stir up racial tensions'.

The leaflet asks people to vote for the Liberal Democrats, accusing Labour councillors of 'quietly spectating' while innocent children are killed, orphaned and women are abused / raped across every part of the Muslim world including Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Police have asked anyone who saw the leaflet - printed in Urdu and an Indian language called Nagri with the Lib Dem's logo - being distributed to contact them.

Darren Reynolds, of the Liberal Democrats group, said: "The Liberal Democrats voted against the war in Iraq and believe that our troops should come home.

"However the remarks made in the leaflet are not representative of the views of the Liberal Democrats.

"It is quite obviously a fake leaflet and very few people will be fooled by this-people should ignore it.

"We do encourage anyone who know anything to contact the police."

Detective Inspectors Stuart Dixon, of Burnley police, said: "We have received a copy of the leaflet and we will be making inquiries into the content and those responsible for production and distribution.

"We would appeal for anyone with any further information regarding these leaflets to come forward and speak to me on 01282 425001."