A CAREER criminal, with an 'appalling record', is back behind bars after clocking up his 118th offence raiding a young mother's home.

Drug addict David Kelly, 37, had only been out of prison for a week when he stole property from the victim's home on Parliament Street, Burnley Crown Court heard.

Kelly, who said he had been told the house was empty, took weights, prints, a baby box and clothing. His fingerprints were found in the premises.

The defendant, of Hirst Street, Burnley, admitted burglary on May 27. He was jailed for 16 months.

David Macro, prosecuting, said Kelly owned up on the basis two men he had seen around the Burnley Wood area had told him there was a house nobody was living in.

He said he went to the property, found the door panels had been removed and he went in. Kelly said he did not force entry.

The prosecutor said the victim, who had left the house a week before, got a Facebook message from her friend, telling her:"Your house has been robbed."

Me Macro said the defendant's fingerprints were found and he was arrested, He made no comment in interview, except to confirm he had only been out of custody for a week. Kelly, added the prosecutor, had an 'extensive record' going back to 1990.

Mark Stuart, for Kelly, said he was realistic and knew it would be immediate custody. He had an "appalling record," but by and large, he was not a house burglar. He thought the house had been abandoned.

Mr Stuart said there was 'one ray of hope' for the future, as the defendant had been engaging with the drugs team while on remand, was making good progress and was reducing his methadone.

Sentencing, Recorder Suzanne Goddard, QC, told the defendant the victim had no doubt been caused a great deal of distress and upset.

She continued :" You have been to prison many times and had chances from the court that have failed to reform you.If you can rid yourself of your addiction, you can make something of your life. It's not too late."