A WOMAN has spoken of her fury after she was fined for parking in front of a Darwen bus stop that has not been used for years.

Lynn Dewse parked outside Holker House, in Railway Road, for around half an hour.

But when she returned, she found a parking ticket on her windscreen.

The 44-year-old said she visited Lloyds Pharmacy, where she works as a delivery driver, to pick up items to be delivered.

She said: “I park there all the time and nothing ever happens.

“I saw another car there from 12.30pm to 5pm on Thursday and another two cars parked there yesterday, so why have I been victimised?

“I spoke to Coun Paul Browne about it and he said it was a temporary bus stop.

“It was put up about six years ago when they were regenerating the main bus station.”

Lynn, of Marquis Close, Lower Darwen, said she was planning to appeal the parking ticket.

She said: “The council needs to remove this bus stop completely.

“I have a good mind to stand there for five hours and see if I get picked up, because I’ve never seen a bus going down there.”

Sudell councillor Paul Browne said: “They are stupid. The person who gave her a ticket is bonkers. Either that or they are new.

“I have parked there several times. I can’t believe she has been given a ticket.

“People get upset about stuff like this, especially with the cost of a ticket when everyone is struggling for money already.

“That bus stop was put in place when the bus station was being done up years ago. Everyone in Darwen knows that.

“I am backing Lynn in her appeal. This should never have happened.”

A spokesman for Blackburn with Darwen Council said: “The bus stop is a legitimate one.

“It is clearly signposted and painted. People can’t just go parking there without expecting to get a ticket.”