A DARWEN councillor has called on refuse bosses to allow people to walk into a recycling centre, after a resident on foot was refused entry.

Mick Bourne wanted to dispose of an electric kettle and toaster he no longer had use for. But after walking the half-a-mile from his home to the centre in Spring Vale Road, he was stopped by the attendant.

He said: “The man told me I couldn’t come in as I was a pedestrian. He said it was about health and safety because there had been accidents.

“I asked, if I waited outside and called a taxi which took me 20 yards inside, then drove me back out, was that okay, and he said yes as then I wouldn’t be a pedestrian. I cannot comprehend it.”

A safety notice states that residents within 500 metres of the tip are allowed to walk in.

Coun David Foster said: “They want to encourage people to recycle so they should let people walk in. I understand there may be accidents, but there are lots of accidents on roads and we don’t stop people using them.

“And why is it safer for people who live within 500 metres?” Tony Watson, head of environmental services at the borough council, said: “The site is designed for cars. There are limited pedestrian route markings and for this reason the entrance to the site is designated as restricted pedestrian access.

“However, if you live within the locality of the site, and are disposing of household waste only, the council’s contractors will allow you to walk on to the site, at your own risk.

“But they ask that you wear high-visibility clothing, be careful of traffic entering and exiting, and do not attempt to carry large items into the site.”