A BNP candidate has been axed as an Avon representative after making racist remarks on Facebook.

The company ‘terminated its relationship’ with self- employed sales leader Nancy Shaw-Farmer, who stood as a BNP candidate in Blackburn’s Roe Lee ward, after complaints about her posts on the social networking site.

It launched an investigation after receiving calls about the offensive comments which were derogatory to Asian people.

Her comments included: “4 P***s in a car near where I work asked for directions to a junior school. Sent them in the wrong direction.”

She also wrote: “Bungee jumping! “25 per person. Muslims and P***s free. No strings attached and free transport. ha ha ha.”

Ms Shaw-Farmer, from the Bastwell area of Blackburn, lost after polling 175 votes in last week’s election.

She had worked as an Avon sales leader for 12 months and had around 30 customers.

She said: “They sacked me on Friday.

“No-one rang me. I just got an email off them to say I was sacked.

“I’m not that bothered now. I was struggling with it anyway.

"I am going round with a Muslim girl called Nushy who will be taking over from me.

"We are going out together to let customers know.

“I am disappointed they did not contact me, or speak to me about it. I wasn’t getting that much money.”

An Avon spokesperson said: “As an Independent Avon Sales Leader, Nancy Shaw-Farmer ran her own self-employed business and was not employed by Avon.

"The views she expressed were her own personal views and were not representative of Avon.

"We take issues of this nature very seriously and, following investigation and consideration, Avon has terminated its relationship with the individual.”