A TEAM of heroic firefighters will be honoured for saving the lives of two children in an arson attack which killed their parents.

The Blackburn-based team responded to the mistaken identity honour murder fire in London Road in the early hours of October 21, 2009.

They managed to rescue the 14-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son of Abdullah and Ayesha Mohammed, who died from the effects of the fierce blaze.

On Thursday, watch manager Chris Fogarty, crew manager David Hilliard, from Blackburn and firefighters Gordon Mit-chell and Peter Turner, both from Blackburn, Gary Larter, from Barnoldswick, Paul McHugh, from Darwen, Charlene Winchester, from Burnley and Shahbaz Shah, from Nelson, will receive commendation awards from Lancashire’s chief fire officer Peter Holland.

Det Supt Neil Hunter, who led the double murder investigation, and family of the victims will also attend.

Four men were found guilty of murder last year after a lengthy trial.

It took the crew just six minutes from receiving the 999 call from a terrified Mr Mohammed at 1.23am, to getting all four unconscious occupants out of the first floor bedroom.

They had to break down the front door and get past the blazing hallway and staircase, where the fire was at its worst.

It was blocking any escape route and also access for the crew.

They then used a ventilation unit to clear the smoke so they could get in. The crew also helped paramedics resuscitate the children.

After the trial, watch manager Mr Fogarty described a ‘scene of carnage’.

He said: “It’s one of the worst fires I’ve seen. We had to break down and force entry through the front door, but that was where the fire was at its worst.

“The children weren’t breathing. The girl was brought out first, then the boy.

"Both were lifeless and unconscious. It gives you an idea of how close the children were to death.”

A spokesman for the fire service said: “The prompt and professional actions of the crew undoubtedly saved the lives of the children.”