FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house in Blackburn after a cooker caught fire.

People at the house in Brodick Road, Shadsworth, were cooking, using the oven and the hobs.

The heat of these caused a grill pan containing oil to set on fire.

Two engines from Blackburn station were called to the house and firefighters put out the fire.

Crew manager Damian Hartley said: “In this case, the householder did the right thing after hearing the smoke alarm by simply closing the grill door and getting everyone out of the property, leaving us to deal with the fire.

“Because of this, the fire was contained and there was only slight smoke damage to the ground floor.

“We would urge everyone to ensure that their smoke alarms are working correctly.

“Lancashire Fire and Rescue will carry out a free fire safety check on your home if you call 0800 1691125.”