STUDENTS at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School are sure to have drawn lessons from top illustrator Kev F Sutherland.

The renowned comic-strip artist, writer, producer and comedian took his touring Comic Art Masterclass to the Blackburn school.

Kev has produced work for The Beano, Dr Who Adventure and Match magazines, as well as appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Famous for his quick-fire charicatures, which KevSutherland spent the day advising third-year pupils on the art of producing a comic strip.

He also took time out at lunch to answer questions from children and staff about his work.

Valerie Dewhust, head of library at QEGS, said: “The whole day had a buzz with pupils working hard to get through the fast-paced sessions.

"They were delighted to see the end results – a comic style book.

“All pupils involved were treated to their own caricature to take home, giving a real edge to what was a brilliant day.”