A FAMILY were left fearing for their lives when arsonists torched their car — trapping them in their home.

The family, of Largs Road, Shadsworth, Blackburn, who have asked to remain anonymous, watched in horror as their Peugeot 307’s ignition switched itself on and began reversing into the garage just inches from the house.

Fearing for their safety they stayed in the house as the fire had blocked both of their exit doors.

As soon as the car reversed backwards and there was a chance to escape the woman and three children aged nine, five, three and 18, ran out through the front door.

Firefighters were called around 11.30pm on Sunday but more crews were mobilised to the scene when the family were trapped in the house.

Police said the front drivers-side window was smashed before the fire was started in the vehicle.

The mother of the family said: “We had been asleep and were woken up by a bang, we could feel the flames from the bedroom window. My husband ran outside to put out the fire and I called 999.

“He was screaming for me to get the kids out but we were trapped, we would have had to run infront of the fire to get out but it was too dangerous.

“The car was full of flames and it turned itself on, it reversed backwards into the garage and I was screaming at my husband to move out of the way.

“I was really scared that it would spread to the house.

“We were really, really lucky.

“I’m just shocked.”

Crew manager Dave Hilliard said: “The car was set on fire deliberately and is under investigation.

“The fire had caused the wiring to spark which then switched on the engine.

“The car then reversed backwards into the garage and set fire to it.

“The family were lucky not to be injured.”

A police spokesman said: “We are treating the fire as suspicious and would appeal to anyone with information to come forward. We have made house to house enquiries but anyone with information is asked to contact police.”