A TEENAGER with an ASBO has been banned from a wider area of Blackburn for allegedly trying to organise fights.

Police successfully applied to magistrates to vary David Stafford’s anti-social behaviour order following concerns around the community centre in Whitebirk.

Stafford, 16, of Ballantrae Road, Shadsworth, was in court with his mum Elaine and eldest brother Danny, 20.

Last year David and Paul Stafford, now 18, were banned from associating with each other in public after running riot in the Rothesay Road area of Shadsworth.

Yesterday David’s solicitor Liz Parker praised her client for ‘behaving himself’ and ‘keeping out of trouble’.

But police said they wanted to extend the ASBO order into the Whitebirk area because they believed he had being trying to orchestrate violence.

Sgt Mark Cruise said: “Since December we have had reports that David Stafford was spending a considerable amount of time with other problem ASBO youngsters in Whitebirk.

“We became aware that he was putting himself forward with a hard man image and arranging fights with other young people.”

His revised ASBO prohibits him from behaving in an anti-social manner, he has a six-month curfew from 8pm until 5am, he must not associate with named people and must not enter agreed areas of Shadsworth and Whitebirk unless going home or with a parent or elder brother Danny.

The order runs until April 2012.

The condition banning him from associating with his brother has ended.