TWO brothers whose behaviour drove a resident to contemplate suicide have been given ASBOs banning them from being in public together.

Police said Dylan Hibbert, 14, and his younger brother Scott, 13, were responsible for smashing up cars, throwing fireworks in drain pipes, swearing and spitting at members of the public.

Community beat manager PC Louise Briggs said it was a case of ‘intense intimidation’ which ASBO prosecutors described as amongst the worst they had seen.

The boys, from Lamlash Road, Shadsworth, were given interim ASBOs until August 9, when full applications will be made.

They are now banned from acting or inciting others to act in an anti-social behaviour, which includes making hand gestures, using abusive, intimidating, threatening or racist language, being drunk in public.

They cannot be in public together unless with their parents and have 8pm until 5am curfews.

The brothers are banned from an area which includes the Shadsworth estate, apart from a specific route to and from their home.

PC Briggs said: “The situation got so bad in the last six months that residents wanted to take matters into their own hands. Some of them wanted to move out.

“A couple of particularly vulnerable residents have had stones and paint thrown at their house.

“A few were too frightened to come forward, but then several stood together and said ‘enough is enough’.

“They decided to stay and make statements and it is down to the residents for informing us that we have managed to get these ASBOs.

“They don’t care who they offend and as soon as they are challenged they give more abuse and target that person even more.”

One resident who lives on the Shadsworth estate, said: “I definitely contemplated suicide.

"I didn’t need all that hassle in my life. It is amazing what the drip, drip, drip effect of this behaviour can have on even the strongest of people.

“It is draining to always be expecting the next smashed window and living in a state of perpetual fear.”

The dad said the estate had ‘some really good people’ who pulled together.

He added: “It’s everyone’s problem and we need to stick together.

"I’m not leaving on principle. I wouldn’t even if I won the lottery!”

Police hope the conditions which prevent the brothers being in public together will stop them ‘causing havoc’ and have urged residents to continue to keep an eye out for possible breaches to help officers enforce the ASBOs.

Contact police on 0845 1 253545.