A TOUT from Blackburn known as ‘Mr Manchester United’ got hold of hundreds of tickets using false names and made a profit of £14,000 on the black market.

Suhail Patel registered several memberships with Manchester United and the Football Association, using his home address and a business address in Blakey Moor.

Among the false names used by Patel to obtain the Manchester United tickets were Dr Rick Bowels, Mr Sinatra, Mr Charming, Mr Rhubarb and Mr Gravy.

He obtained 443 England tickets under 120 false names, and 243 Manchester United tickets by using 90 fake member-ships.

He spent £30,000 on the enterprise using two credit cards, bringing in £44,000 – £14,000 profit.

At Preston Crown Court yesterday he was jailed for eight months, Patel, 24, of Eldon Road, off Shear Brow, came to authorities’ notice when arrested and fined £250 for ticket touting outside Wembley in October 2007, following a disturbance at the England versus Estonia game.

He was found with 17 tickets, stubbs and other documents and police began an investigation. Cash totalling £10,000 was found in a safe at his home.

Christopher Convey, defending, claimed it was ‘a matter of limited, if any sophistication’.

Mr Convey said: “This is not a victimless fraud but it’s a fraud commit-ted without loss created.Of the tickets bought, 70 per cent were for resale, 30 per cent stayed with his family and friends.

“He realised the membership scheme was open to such abuse and this was an opportunistic crime.

“An opportunity came before him, which was a bad idea.

"He thought it was a good idea and lacked the moral fibre and maturity not to take it.”

Patel did sell some tickets on to other touts but preferred to revel in his reputation as ‘Mr Manchester United’, the court heard.

Prosecuting, Paul Brookwell cited the Taylor report, published after the Hillsborough disaster, and its warnings of the effects ticket touting had on the inter-mingling of supporters.

Patel pleaded guilty at a hearing in March to two counts of fraud by misrepresentation and converting criminal property, with 159 similar offences of obtaining tickets also taken into account.

Sentencing Patel to eight months, of which he will serve half, Judge Edward Slinger said his ‘operation’ went ‘well beyond a single ticket tout’.

He said: “It’s a sad day indeed when a young man with previous excellent character from a decent family background comes before this court to be dealt with for serious criminal offences.

“You realised there was a way of getting hold of tickets by giving fraudulent information to Manchester United and the FA.

“There still remains a real harm as a result of what you did.”