A READY-made house extension will give a disabled woman a new lease of life after it was fitted to the back of her home.

The pre-fabicrated structure was craned in over the roofs of houses in Churchill Road, Blackburn.

The new bathroom and bedroom extension was brought in to help out Najma Panwaskar, 52, who has multiple sclerosis.

Her husband Muhammad Panwaskar, 55, said the extension would massively improve the family’s life.

He said: “My wife was diagnosed with MS and for the past three years she has been stuck upstairs and could not get down.

“If she needed to go to the hospital or go out it took two people to carry her down the stairs.

“This will make a massive difference to the standard of her life and will change our lives completely.”

The factory-built extension modules are usually a bedroom and bathroom, meaning that a disabled person can live on one level and not have to use the stairs.

They arrive fully fitted out and decorated, with any aids like hoists already installed.

It was brought in by Blackburn with Darwen Council.

Coun David Foster, executive member for adult social care, explains: “The new system deals with all these issues.

“Most of the work is done outside the house, which means that the person can get on with their life.

“Within two weeks of work starting, the extension arrives and is put in place using a crane.

“It’s quick and easy.

“If the person moves away or the extension is no longer needed, we can then lift it out, clean it up if required and reuse it for someone else.”

The extensions cost are around £65,000 when new, but cost just £15,000 to move, meaning that they are soon cheaper than building extensions.