A CAMPAIGN group has launched a rallying call for motorists who have been given parking charges near a restaurant in Blackburn.

The Roe Lee Retail Centre Car Parking Action Group are battling to get the CPN charges overturned on the car park outside Gourm8 on Whalley New Road.

The Lancashire Telegraph reported how the group were battling the charges in January after the signage was ‘inappropriate’ as there was no warnings about entering an arear with parking restrictions and the contract was 'illegal' as it was signed by the manager of the former Gourm8 building instead of the owner.

Now the group are calling on anyone to come forward after releasing a statement.

It read: “The residents of Blackburn have come together and successfully formed a group to take action against these potentially illegitimate parking fines.

“The group have now retained the services of Bank View Solicitors with help from Councillors Phil Riley and Sylvia Liddle in order to assist anyone who has been affected. Bank View Solicitors will provide their initial services at no cost and thereafter consider launching a class action, the group require details of all those who have been affected by the parking fines.

“They should get in touch regardless of whether they have received the parking charge notice, letters from solicitors, court documents and have a case pending, a County Court Judgement, letters from debt collectors, or already attended Court, regardless of the outcome.

“They could have even paid the charge but the Roe Lee Retail Centre Car Parking Action Group urge all affected to come forward and be part of a potential class action against such immoral, extortionate and potentially illegitimate charges.

“Anyone affected is requested to provide their name, address, contact number, Court reference number and position of their case.”

They can join the public group on Facebook ‘Roe Lee Retail Centre Car Parking Action Group’ or contact Bank View Solicitors on 01254 66 00 00 or email Parking@BankViewSolicitors.co.uk.

Also they could message Bank View Solicitors via their Facebook page ‘Bank View Solicitors’ or you could email councillors Phil Riley or Sylvia Liddle.

Mary Anderson said: “We have just won another case in court and that means there have been 30 that have been dismissed or won by us.

“But we think there will be plenty more out there who will have just paid it. It is disappointing that people such as a 95-year-old war veteran that have got fined.”